ARTIST TALK with Oliver Jones1500 Pershore Abbey – Free Entry

Oliver Jones is known for his large format hyper-realistic pastel chalk drawings. His two works on show at Pershore Abbey consider body image, the impact of social media on representation and self-worth. On Saturday 5 March, join him at the Abbey for a talk about Divine and #motherandchild as well as his wider practice.

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Oliver Jones Art Exhibition at Pershore Abbey 20 Feb – 30 March 2022

Oliver Jones at Pershore Abbey 20 February to 30 March 2022: After a successful showing at National Trust’s Berrington Hall as part of Meadow Arts’ exhibition ‘Skin Deep,’ two works by Oliver Jones will be shown at Pershore Abbey during February and March 2022

Oliver Jones works in pastel chalk, a medium commonly associated with intimate portraiture and gentle landscapes, rather than large format works. His works defy expectations: they are large, but also highly charged.

The two works, #motherandchild and Divine have been selected as they present similarities with certain forms of religious art. The pieces address how different forms of communication can contain social messages about who we are and how we relate to each other. In these cases, looking at body image, the impact of social media and self-image/self-worth.

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