Locaton: Isle of Iona, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Pershore Abbey has had links with the Iona Community for more than twenty years from when a parish group made a first pilgrimage to Iona in 1995.

The Hebridian Isle of Iona, once described as a ‘thin place’ where heaven and earth embrace, has been a place of Christian pilgrimage ever since Columba, an Irish monk, founded a monastery in the 6th century. The ruined buildings were rebuilt in early 20th century by craftsmen and trainee priests under leadership of Rev. George MacLeod. He founded the Iona Community, a dispersed Christian community administered from Glasgow, as it is still today.

Members, Associate Members and Friends make up the Community, committed to seeking new and relevant ways of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world. The Abbey and the newer MacLeod Centre on Iona, as well as Camas on Mull are places of hospitality. Guests come from many countries and diverse backgrounds to spend a week building community in a divided world by sharing meals, household tasks, worship, personal stories and learning together.

Inspired by worship as experienced on early pilgrimages to Iona, worship which is both engaging and meaningful, ecumenical services in the Iona tradition have since been held monthly in Pershore Abbey.

Iona is not just a place to travel TO—more a place to journey FROM, bringing back home fresh ideas, a yearning for world peace grounded in justice and joy in worship.

Experiencing Iona as a guest of the Community can be both challenging and rewarding, but great fun and lasting friendships are to be formed. It can also be life changing….many are drawn back time and again to this remote, beautiful, and holy place.

Key Facts

Place of pilgrimage since the 6th CenturyHome to the Iona CommunityLinked with Pershore Abbey since 1995


IONA PRAYERS NOW EVERY FOURTH SUNDAY AT 1700: Our Iona Service takes place at 1700 on the 4th Sunday in the month. The next service will be at 1700 on Sunday 26 June in the Abbey. Everyone is very welcome. 

Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Inner Hebrides PA76 6SQ