Regular events

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Every week, enjoy these...

Bell Ringers - practice

7:30pm: 2nd & 4th & 5th Mondays of the month in St Andrew's Centre,

                  1st & 3rd  Mondays in the Abbey.

Choir - rehearsal

Fridays 6.00pm

Parent & Toddler Group

Fridays 9.30am to 11.30am in St Andrew's Centre.

New members welcome. Contact - Jean Pritchard 01386 556574

Churches Together in Pershore

Prayer Council - Fridays 7pm at the Town Hall

Food Bank - Tuesdays 11am and Fridays 1pm in St Andrew’s

Weight Watchers  in St Andrew's Centre

Wed 6.30pm, Thur 9.30am;

Pershore Arts in St Andrew’s Centre Upstairs Room

Thursdays 7pm (Contact - 01386 556142)

Volunteer Centre’s Lunch Club

Alternate Wednesdays form 11.30 in St Andrew’s (01386 554299)

Come along once a month to...

Morning Praise (half-hour service)

9.30am every 4th Sunday in the Abbey

Wholeness and Healing Service

5pm on 2nd Sundays (Churches Together in Pershore) in the Abbey

Intercessory Prayer

2.15pm on 1st Thursdays in the Abbey  (Contact - Abbey Office)

Meditation Group

10.00am on 3rd Tuesdays in Holy Redeemer

Iona Worship

7.30pm on last Wednesdays in the Abbey

Mothers' Union

4th Tuesdays at 2.30pm in St Andrew's Centre.

(MU enquiries - 01386 554248).

MU Knitting Group

2.30pm -2nd Tuesdays

MU Poetry Group

10.30am -1st Weds (Contact 01386 554745)

Womens' Fellowship

7.30pm , 3rd Tuesdays,  in St Andrew's Centre