The Farncombe Lectures

The Farncombe Lecture was named after the founder of the Friends. Since its instigation it took the style of an erudite address by a person nationally recognised as an authority in his or her own right.

Past lectures:

26th Jan 2012

Dr David Cornwell

"Justice and the Unfeeling State"

27th Nov 2009

The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles

" 'We have too many churches and too few chop houses' - was T.S.Eliot right?"

25th Sept 2008

Dr Stuart Burgess

"What Future Rural Communities"

26th July 2007

Sir Roy Strong

"Has the Country Church got a Future"

6th July 2006

Mr William Dalrymple

 "From the Holy Mountain" - Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the Middle East

15th June 2005

Ms Paula Griffiths

"Change and Decay in All Around I See"

29th July 2004

Mr Michael Reardon

"An Image of the Heavenly City"

1st Oct 2003

Taurus Voice

A dramatisation of the Gospel of St John

20th June 2002

Dr Harry Bramma

"The Musical SevernValley! A Legacy from the Benedictines?"

28th June 2001

Dr Peter Doll

"Common Worship and the Use of Sacred Space"

8th June 2000

Mr Richard Morris

"The Foundations of Faith" - Archaeology and the Parish Church

20th May 1999

Canon David Bishop

"Art for God's Sake"

9th July 1998

Canon Richard Giles

"Re-pitching the Tent" - The Evolution of Church Architecture & Furnishings

12th June 1997

Dom Aidan Bellenger

"Pershore in the Wider World of the Benedictines"

23th May 1996

Dr John Physick

"Monstrosities in Marble"

8th June 1995

Mr John Wheatley

"Experiencing Churches, Are we missing the point?"

7th June 1994

Mr Peter Gibson

"Reflections on Stained Glass"

13th May 1992

Dr Malcolm Thurlby

"Detective work in the study of English Medieval Architecture"

? ? 1992

Dr Esther de Waal

"The Life and Rule of St Benedict"

28th June 1991

Dr Ann Williams

"Sponsors and Spoliators, the Early History of Pershore Abbey, 683-1066"