Fundraising Initiatives

History of fundraising events

Personality lunches at Belle House Pershore

31 May 2011                 Sir Michael Perry                     Three Choirs Festival  2011

20 October 2011          Richard Webb                          The Lieutenancy

13 May 2012                 Cecil Duckworth                       Worcester Warrior

25 October 2012          Alison Brimelow                       Being right is not enough

23 May 2013                 Peter Surman                            The future of farming is bright

24 October 2013          Nigel Goodman                         Reminiscences of Eton

Annual Memorial Lecture in The Abbey

13 June 2014                   Duncan Cadbury                  Quakers and the Industrial Revolution

12 June 2015                   Lord Digby Jones                (Broadly) Military Battles and Business

03 June 2016                   Penny Hamilton                    Islam Today

09 June 2017                   Clive Corbett                         Bringing my best